What is the alternative reality for you as an educator? Is it an adventure, a mystery or a horror story with multiple characters?

Your strength-based action planning narrative is only the preface, as the story will write itself as each day in your career unfolds.

Create your strength-based outline while driving home. Start creating on Monday.

On the strength-based HUB, make your own provocative proposition a reality through intensive action planning. Involve your students! Write a grant! Make sure your day job is not a day job, but your strength-based reality!


About the author: Tricia Hyun

Tricia Hyun has been a teacher for 13 years. She taught elementary school in the Claremont Unified School District in 1998 for 2 years, and then, in 2006, she joined the Fullerton School District to teach middle school English Language Arts 7. Working alongside CTA's Institute for Teaching (IFT), she works on Strength-Based, Teacher Driven Change initiatives. She is an Instructional Leadership Corps (ILC) member and a South Orange County Think Tank member.

Email: tricia.hyun65@gmail.com
Grant Website: strengthbasedlab.org
ILC Website: strengthbasededu.com
Personal Website: teacherworld.org