Record Your Hopes & Dreams

Flipgrid is a video discussion platform that easily allows CTA members to tell their strength-based story, share their strengths, and learn from the diverse positive experiences of others.  Discussions are sparked by video topics and questions which lead to collaborative strength-based communities where CTA members can record, upload, view, react and respond to each other’s short videos.

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Strength-Based Member Engagement

The IFT is using the Flipgrid Video platform to increase member connections, communication, and collaboration. Click here to connect with the IFT Strength-Based Member Engagement Project.  Through FlipGrid you can tell your strength-based stories, have teachers respond, share them with your social media sites and be that spark to transform public education from a deficit-based system to strength-based opportunities for all children. Teacher Kristina Hohmann shares her video about how special education can be transformed from deficits to strengths.  Click here to watch and listen to Kristina’s story.

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Saddleback Valley Educators SOAR TO New Heights

The Saddleback Valley Educators Association has combined strength-based thinking and the Flipgrid platform to SOAR around member engagement.  Click here to view SVEA video engagement.  Members hold conversations with each other around their strengths, opportunities for success, and their professional aspirations.  SVEA plans to turn member aspirations for greatness into successful results.  Through SOAR, SVEA  believes all teachers see the value of their local association not just in improving salary, benefits and working conditions but also that their professional organization is taking a leadership role in the school change movement.