Change the world though public education. Your words are powerful; they create the world around us.  Your hopes and dreams for teachers and public education become real with the words to write and say.    

We each have our own teaching and learning journey to walk. As teachers, our purpose is not to ‘fix’ our students; rather teaching is to guide children and young adults to celebrate what’s good, seek out opportunities, and dream of the possibilities.

But the first step is for you to write your post and comment on the thoughts of others.  Clik the Blog Post Link on the right menu and start changing the world.

About the author: CTA IFT

The CTA Institute for Teaching promotes Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change. Through grants, member engagement, special programs, research, conferences, networking, and community-based coalitions, the CTA Institute for Teaching seeks to advance public education and promote the common good of our students and communities.

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