“I’ve been to lots of CTA workshops but this is the best ever!” “I never knew CTA was interested in my teaching.” “As a new teacher, I see CTA as the organization that truly cares about my students.”

These and other comments were continually heard during the April 20 -21, 2018, CTA-IFT Strength-Based Justice Summit.  It was clearly, Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change in action.

Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change is both a philosophy and practice.  And if you deconstruct it, you start with teacher strengths, positive experiences, and the wisdom of works best in the “teaching and learning” process.  This strength-based knowledge drives teachers, the teaching profession, and public education.

In other words, our strengths present opportunities to envision new realities for public education and if we educate, organize, and mobilize we can design strategies to make our dreams come true. 

CTA members attending the Moreno Valley Think Tank Strength-Based Justice Summit did just that;  it was truly “Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change.”  Over 50 CTA members focused on “Creating Successful Opportunities for ALL Students.”

The result was the design and development of “Action Planning Strength-Based Stories” to make their dream of a “Culture of Success” for ALL students a reality.  You can see their work on the IFT HUB.

These “Strengthers” are putting their great ideas into action.  They are leading the charge to bring “Strength-Based Justice” to public education.

If you are ready to join and collaborate to create successful opportunities for all students go to the Strengthbasedhub.org and register and login.  Go to the community link and join the conversation.

About the author: CTA IFT
The CTA Institute for Teaching promotes Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change. Through grants, member engagement, special programs, research, conferences, networking, and community-based coalitions, the CTA Institute for Teaching seeks to advance public education and promote the common good of our students and communities.