At a traditional staff development, a teacher might attend, learn and take away. At a strength-based summit, teachers discover what is working in education, dream an educational system that is best for children, design innovative approaches and deliver what is best. Professionals who work alongside other strength-based professionals can appreciate where they are from, who they are and what is to come. At a strength-based summit, teachers do not “get” they “give.” Their best and brightest students have shaped them into the professional they are–they impart the knowledge to other teachers. When we approach education with a strength-based framework where everyone’s talents and strengths are first and foremost, we can pay it forward liberally and land in great places.

About the author: Tricia Hyun

Tricia Hyun has been a teacher for 13 years. She taught elementary school in the Claremont Unified School District in 1998 for 2 years, and then, in 2006, she joined the Fullerton School District to teach middle school English Language Arts 7. Working alongside CTA's Institute for Teaching (IFT), she works on Strength-Based, Teacher Driven Change initiatives. She is an Instructional Leadership Corps (ILC) member and a South Orange County Think Tank member.

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