Last night as  I was enjoying the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, the thought struck me that these athletes are all successful because they have had opportunities to identify and focus on their strengths.  How can we relate this to our classroom.  How can we focus on our students’ strengths, instead of their deficits?  I welcome ideas.

About the author: Camie Walker
I am excited to join other educators in a quest to create a strength based educational movement. All children need to know they are successful, loved and appreciated for their talents, dreams and ideas. I have embraced the NGSS philosophy because I have seen how it allows students to thrive and develop their strengths. However along with strengths, traits such as empathy, creativity and compassion for others can be cultivated using service opportunities aligned to the NGSS human impacts. Success is not an end, but a journey. Finding happiness ins the present is my focus for both my students and the teachers. I appreciate CTA for providing this forum to build strengths and develop both professional and social connections. Let's learn and grow together.