The SOAR Member Engagement Project is an important opportunity for CTA members, leaders and staff to educate, organize and mobilize around the great things taking place in the Association.  Through strength-based member engagement, members discover new strengths in themselves and their colleagues. Members also view their association with a new sense of hope and possibility.

Through SOAR Member Engagement, the association is viewed as a champion of strength-based teacher driven change,  The local association is not just a problem solver and advocate for improving the general welfare of members but also a believer and promoter in member potential and opportunities for success.

Thus, the purpose and direction of the association are appealing to many more members; especially members who want their association to take a leadership role in the school change movement. The overall result is increased enthusiasm, commitment, and opportunities to achieve member and organizational success.


  • Members believe chapter leaders and staff have faith in them and their potential to do great things.
  • Members believe their chapter appreciates their strengths and is collaborating with them to create opportunities for their success.
  • Members believe chapter leaders and staff are interested in their strengths and are collaborating with them to achieve their aspirations.
  • Members believe their chapter is including their strengths, opportunities, and aspirations as part of the overall strategy and direction for the association.
  • Members believe their chapter is working to make sure their success is valued by all.

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About the author: CTA IFT

The CTA Institute for Teaching promotes Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change. Through grants, member engagement, special programs, research, conferences, networking, and community-based coalitions, the CTA Institute for Teaching seeks to advance public education and promote the common good of our students and communities.