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Common Core Café

By IFT | Feb 23, 2018

Check out this great blog, Common Core Café, by Gabriela Orozco Gonzalez.  Gabriela is a member of the IFT Board and a powerful advocate for teacher professional empowerment.  This blog/website is packed with tons of information. Hi! Welcome to the Common Core Café. My name is Gabriela Orozco Gonzalez and I’m a second grade teacher. […]

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“Strength-Based Justice” Summit

By IFT | Feb 21, 2018

Attend the Moreno Valley Think Tank “Strength-Based Justice” Summit Through equity, all students have the opportunity to be successful and this goes way beyond a curriculum or set of standards.  Join with other CTA members to create a new structure and governance public school system where all students have the opportunity to create their own […]

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Instructional Leadership Corp

By Denise | Feb 17, 2018

As I reflect on two days of learning at ILC I am so happy, proud excited to be a part of such a wonderful group of educators. The amount of innovative ideas out there never stop amazing me. I participated in a session about the the Institute for Teaching. I learned about the IFT about […]

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By Camie | Feb 10, 2018

Last night as  I was enjoying the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics, the thought struck me that these athletes are all successful because they have had opportunities to identify and focus on their strengths.  How can we relate this to our classroom.  How can we focus on our students’ strengths, instead of their deficits?  I […]

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Will you be my Valentine?

By Camie | Feb 9, 2018

Next week is Valentines Day.  My thoughts reflect today on my mom, who provided a strong example of strength based learning, even before any tests or reports could label it as such.  (Or maybe this is more about my Grandma’s strengths.) My mom lived in a tiny area  called Blackrock, Idaho.   She had seven sisters […]

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The Best of All Games by John Rawls

By IFT | Feb 6, 2018

John Rawls (1921 – 2002) was an eminent philosopher, perhaps the greatest America ever produced. He was also a devoted baseball fan. Contrary to widespread reports, he was never offered a contract to play professionally and, in fact, had not even played varsity baseball in college. Yet he had played on his high school team […]

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Five Ways to Build an Asset-Based Mindset in Education Partnerships

By IFT | Jan 23, 2018

Jennifer D. Klein Global education experiences are too often developed on a foundation of deficit thinking, particularly in the most developed parts of the world. While many global educators are aware of the problem and working hard to reverse it, examples still abound: global partnerships that always end in fundraisers, the assumption that classrooms in […]

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Five Tips for Setting Strengths-Based Goals this Year ….. by John Horn |

By IFT | Dec 30, 2017

Great ideas are not always new.  Below is an article from New Year’s past. And while it was written in 2015, it makes a lot of sense for 2018.  We hope you’ll enjoy the ideas below and think about how you might use them over the next year.  From the IFT HUB, A Very Happy […]

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Troubled Teens Blossom in Strength-based Program With Caring Adults By Jennifer Gauthier 

By IFT | Dec 29, 2017

Oprah Winfrey’s book, “What I Know For Sure,” comes to my mind often when I look at what life has presented me with and what I face each day. I often ask myself what do I know for sure about girls involved in our juvenile justice system. What I know is that our girls today […]

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