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The Talent Code and Positive Deviance

By IFT | Nov 22, 2017

Are there specific behaviors that are more likely to lead to success?  Is it more beneficial to focus on what works as opposed to deficits?  According to Daniel Coyle, author of The Talent Code, greatness is not a mystery but it does take practice.  Coyle explains: If you distilled all the new science about talent development into two […]

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Strength-Based Teaching and Learning Opportunities

By IFT | Nov 17, 2017

What does Strength-based Teacher Driven Change look like?  How are perceived educational problems reframed as opportunities for success?  What are the patterns and themes for school improvement?  Most important, how do we shape student relations from a strength-based perspective?  Instead of thinking of problems or challenges, what if we envisioned a teaching and learning environment […]

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Strength-Based Justice Begins with Individual Values

By IFT | Nov 16, 2017

Strength-Based Justice = Successful Opportunities for All Students Read what one district did to initiate change from the bottom-up and inside-out.  By celebrating the best of the present, school-community and family members were able to dream even brighter dreams for the future. Strength-based conversations created a new social reality; a reality that constructed a cycle […]

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Research Shows Grit Plays Key Role in Black Males’ College Success

By IFT | Nov 14, 2017

A student’s determination could be the key to helping shape their outcome in college. Dr. Terrell L. Strayhorn says it has long been known that a student’s grade point average and test scores from the SAT and ACT foreshadow the level of academic achievement in college. He sought to test what role a noncognitive trait […]

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Introducing Grit: A Mindset Consistent with The CTA IFT Mission

By IFT | Nov 14, 2017

The CTA IFT Mission suggests CTA members are a powerful influence on the lives of children and young adults.  At a time when political, economic and social conflicts are part of the everyday milieu, CTA members are encouraged to revisit the reason they became educators: To create a culture of success for all students.  Teachers […]

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Strength-Based Math

By IFT | Nov 5, 2017

We usually have no problem hearing what students don’t like about a subject.  However, we seldom have detailed conversations about what they really like or enjoy.  One way to create a positive environment around any subject area is to ask affirmative or strength-based questions.  Below are sample strength-based mathematics questions designed to create affirmative storytelling […]

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Thomas the Civil Engineer

By Camie | Nov 4, 2017

What do you do the first week of school to create team building?  In my classroom we design and test bridges.  A quick introduction to the Engineering Design Process and a fun “ice breaker” where I can assess easily who works well with others.  Usually this is a two day activity, with planning and design […]

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Strength-Based Justice Kick Off Video – Join the Conversation with IFT Moreno Valley Think Tank Teachers

By IFT | Nov 3, 2017

Check out the Moreno Valley Think Tank Video kick-off the Strength-Based Justice conversation. IFT Moreno Valley Think Tank members discuss opportunities for all students in strength-based terms. Too often, social justice is framed around deficit-based thinking. When opportunities for all students are framed around student talents and strengths, there is a greater possibility for teacher […]

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Thank You Notes

By triciahyun | Oct 29, 2017

When is it most appropriate to send a thank you note versus a thank you email or none at all? When I was growing up, my mother insisted on thank you notes. She would march around the house and ask, “Did you send the thank you note?” Whether it was a monetary gift, time that […]

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