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What Are You Thinking? Post Your Great Ideas!

By IFT | Jun 29, 2018

Have a little free time this summer?  Would you like a place to let your creative juices flow?  How about telling the world what you think about Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change?  Here’s your chance to put your thoughts into writing.   Write a blog.  Post your best teaching ideas.  Tell us what’s on your mind.   Need a place to start?  How about the […]

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IFT Grants at Work – Summer Science Camp is Huge Hit in Temecula

By IFT | Jun 24, 2018

Students in the Temecula Valley Unified School District are making teaching and learning science fun at the inaugural launch of Summer Science Camp held this year at the Temecula Valley High School (TVHS) campus in Riverside CA.  Weekly camp participants divide time between experiments in the newly-constructed campus greenhouse, data collection, analysis, and also manage to […]

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What Makes you Great?

By Camie | May 31, 2018

This is a very short blog with a very important message.   To focus on strengths based relationships we must be able to contribute to them.  Greatness is a quality that is a part of all of us.   We simply do not always take the time to recognize it in ourself.   I am great because […]

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Seven Ideas to Teach Students Work Ethic

By IFT | May 11, 2018

Talents, strengths, resources, knowledge, and skills, can help you get where you want to go in life–but those things alone won’t do it. You also need to work hard to be truly successful.  A powerful work ethic leads to a culture of success.   What Can Teachers Do to Encourage a Student Work Ethic? Hold Teacher-Parent Conversations […]

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School Climate and Future Orientation

By IFT | Apr 30, 2018

Promoting students’ future orientation is inherently a goal of the educational system. Recently, it has received more explicit attention given the increased focus on career readiness. This study aimed to examine the association between school climate and adolescents’ report of future orientation using data from youth (N = 27,698; 49.4 % female) across 58 high schools. Three-level hierarchical […]

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Seven Factors by Categories, Links, and Tags

By IFT | Apr 29, 2018

Are you thinking about proposing an IFT Grant?  Would you like to learn more about the Seven Strength-Based factors driving a culture of success for all students?  IFT has created a curated list of digital resources on the Seven factors.  You can find information on each of the seven factors by categories, links, and tags.  You can also track your […]

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Coach Tricia!

By triciahyun | Apr 27, 2018

What would happen if a classroom teacher could carry the same values as a sports coach? For example, I tell my students, “We have an Open House game on Thursday night” or “We have a Back to School Night” kick-off and every single player must show up. We have practice on Saturday from 1-3pm and […]

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Creating a School Culture of Success: A Little History

By IFT | Apr 26, 2018

What does a school culture of success look like? How is it defined?  How do we measure it?  What role do tests play and can we have a culture of success with mandated standards and an externally driven curriculum?  Can the conditions for student success exist absent a highly regulated school environment? These questions, as well […]

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The “Strengther” movement is Taking Off

By IFT | Apr 25, 2018

Many of you have not been on the HUB for several days.  A lot has been happening.  Many great ideas to create successful opportunities for all students.  We know you have wonderful ideas to share. So, when you have a chance, come back to HUB, share your best thinking, and start collaborating.  Tell your colleagues […]

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