Provocative Propositions

Wow!  How powerful the schools we dream about, and can make a reality today in our own classrooms, schools, and districts.

Day 2 IFT SBJ Summit

I am so excited to begin this second day.  I have met some amazing educators and feel blessed to be able to share this experience with other new teachers in my district.

CTA Think Tank Strength Based Justice Summit

As a new teacher I did not know if I would have anything to offer; however, the discussion and think tank forum allowed me to feel very much a part of an incredible community of educators.  It is hard to imagine a school where the sky is the limit, but I believe we were able to do that.  I learned so much from my table group and listening to all the other table groups, I can not wait to share with my school site at next weeks staff meeting.

I am excited to be the vehicle of change!