Day 2: IFT

I am excited to have returned to the IFT for day 2! We began the day by talking about the seven factors for creating a culture of success which began a conversation about how we can create opportunities for students based on these seven factors.  The conversation ran deep which gave me valuable information on how to improve my own teaching approach.

We developed provocative propositions for the future of education and specifically our classrooms.  These are tailored to students themselves. We conducted a gallery walk in which we read each teams’ provocative statements and reflected upon what the common themes were.  The common themes centered around empathy, inclusion, student- centered learning.


CTA IFT Supporting Strength- Based Teacher Driven Change Day 1 Reflection

Today was a wonderful day for my experience as a teacher. This is my first year teaching and I felt the positive vibe here with my colleagues.  Groups sang, acted, and created wonderful responses to the topic of creating a positive school environment.

My group created wonderful responses to the great aspects of teaching, what a good school should look like, the positive core of the school, and the dream for a better school.  The general consensus was that there are many aspects of education we could change. A change in collaboration, roles, and the focus of rewarding what students do right is the discussion that is desperately needed at schools around the country.  Our dream in Table 6 was to centered around the mental health discussion for students and teachers.  I would like to see these teachers make the change in their classrooms as I would like to see in my own classroom.