Seven Factors for Creating a Culture of Success

Lots of awesome conversation floating around at Table 3!

We were all able to come up with examples of what we’re already doing in our classrooms that are also examples of the seven factors.  We provide work that is student centered, purposeful, and relevant.  We build relationships with our students, their parents, and between our students.  We help our students visualize their future, and we work with our colleagues to help our students achieve success.

I’m excited to see where today’s conversations take us!

Table 3, Phase 2, Step 2 – Themes for the Dream!

Our main theme for our perfect school is “Purposeful Relationships”.  Throughout all of our conversations today, our table kept coming back to the relationships we, teachers, build with our students.  And the relationships we build with each other, administrators, teachers in other districts, parents, community members…the list goes on and on.  These relationships all have purpose; there is a reason we care about building rapport with our students and their parents – with respectful relationships we can better serve our students and help them achieve their full potential.

Other themes we discussed include “Voice and Choice”, “Lead from Within”, and “Student Centered”.  Teachers should be able to voice what they feel would best serve their students, and choose the curriculum to help each child learn.  Students should also be able to use their voices!  We should be empowering them to use the skills we teach them.