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Blogs That Educate

Educate by blogging and tell your strength-based story.  Colleagues connect through your experiences.

Videos That Organize

Be a Video Blogger. Comment on the HUB digital strength-based network.

Groups That Mobilize

Form and join community strength-based groups. Produce a network of support for teachers. 

Moreno Valley Think Tank Members Discuss Strength-Based Justice

All students want to become a “somebody”. Relationships must be built for the purpose of creating positive school and classroom climates. It is important to recognize and value the skills and strengths our students have and empower their voice. Join the Strength Based Justice group to contribute your voice to this powerful movement.   Subscribe to the Strength-Based Justice YouTube Channel. 

Ovation Tool Kit

The IFT Ovation Toolkit gives CTA members a framework for building an effective Association member strength-based recognition program.

Grant Program

The IFT Grant Program gives CTA members the opportunity to expand and build on what’s working in their classroom and school community. 

Member Engagement

The IFT Member Engagement Project gives CTA members the opportunity to discuss what’s great about teaching and their association.

First Follower Collaboration

The First follower makes a movement a reality. As important as the leader is, it is the first follower who symbolically tells others “get involved, take a risk, stand-up for your beliefs.”  With the first follower, others gain the confidence and initiative to join. Be a Strength-Based First Follower.

Strength-Based Think Tanks


San Diego Think Tank members are planning a Strength-Based member engagement forum. 


Moreno Valley Think Tank members are planning a Strength-Based Justice Summit.


South Orange County Think Tank members are developing parent strength-based materials. 

Your HUB Blogging Team

Your Story is Important and Needed.  Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change is not just a slogan.  It is much more.  It is a philosophy, movement, and framework for transforming public education from a deficit-based to a strength-based teaching and learning environment. Everyday CTA members are working to move the strength-based agenda forward; a quiet revolution. Let your voice be heard by connecting, communicating and collaborating with other teachers.

Dr. Tricia Hyun is a 7th Grade ELA Honors, Pre-AP, and Speech and Debate Teacher. Tricia teaches at D. Russell Parks Junior High School in the Fullerton Elementary School District.

Denise Bradford is the President of the Saddleback Valley Educators Association. Denise is assigned to 3rd Grade at Montevideo Elementary School in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District.

Trent Stillman is a 6th-Grade Self Contained Elementary Teacher.  Trent teaches at Beech Ave Elementary School in the Fontana Unified School District.

Camie Walker is a 5th-Grade Teacher. Camie teaches at John Murdy Elementary School in Garden Grove Unified School District.

Christine Barboza is Senior English and Language Arts teacher at Paramount High School in the Paramount Unified School District.

Dr. Heidi Swenson-Chipman is a Homeschool K-12 Teacher. Heidi teaches at Parkview School in the Placentia Yorba Linda USD.

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