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The HUB is the only place where CTA members can collaborate, produce and research Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change. This is your Strength-Based Community to educate, organize and mobilize around your strengths and the strengths of your students.

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Your Community The Strength-Based Way

    • The HUB is your place to implement Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change from the bottom-up and inside-out.


    • The HUB is social media, teacher groups, blogs, chats, video, messaging, friends, images, and much more. 


    • The HUB is like an amusement park for CTA members who want to use their strengths, passion and potential to repurpose public education. 


    • The HUB is your home if you have been looking for a community of futurists, strengthens and independent thinkers.


    • The HUB is a strength-based community where you can find like-minded teachers who want to move beyond the status-quo and create a culture of success for all students.

Want to Change Public Education?

Strength-Based Collaboration Tools

Want to be a Strength-Based Leader in Your School and District?

Strength-Based Collaborative Projects

When teachers talk to each other, great things happen and when teachers talk to each other about their strengths and positive experiences they become energized and enthusiastic about the future.   Each of the strength-based initiatives below helps to push the strength-based movement forward in their own unique way. 

• The Ovation Toolkit was created so local chapter leaders have a framework or model for building an effective Association member strength-based recognition program.  Find out more by clicking on the Ovation Toolkit.

• The IFT Grant program offers members and leaders the opportunity to focus on what’s working; the great teaching taking place in their classrooms.  For example, if we want to know why children are successful, talk to successful students and their parents.  The IFT believes the best strategy for school improvement is to investigate what’s working, not what’s broken. This is what the IFT Grant Program is all about and what makes it unique among educational grants. Click IFT Grants below for more information.

• The IFT Member Engagement Project is an important opportunity for members, leaders, and staff to educate, organize and mobilize around the great things taking place in the school community and the local association.  Through strength-based member engagement, members discover new strengths in themselves and their colleagues. Members also view their local association with a new sense of hope and possibility. Click Member Engagement to find out more. 

Strength-Based collaboration is found here.

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Focus on strengths and your greatness is realized. Collaborate through strengths and you can change public education. While there are numerous collaborative communities, few emphasize strengths over weaknesses and opportunities over obstacles.

Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change provides teachers the collaborative framework to create a learning environment where all students have the opportunity to be successful. But this requires a repurposing of the public schools: New structures, designs, relationships and decision-making.

So start connecting, communicating and collaborating the strength-based way.

Strength-Based Hub Collaboration


Publish your strength-based content to BLOGS and GROUPS, including articles, links, videos, and social content. Upload, SHARE and CATEGORIZE content with colleagues.  The BLOG is a great place to produce and share your strength-based ideas on developing a strength-based curriculum, teaching and learning practices, and strength-based school governance and structural designs.  Join the Strength-Based Teacher Driven change movement to show the value of decision-making from the bottom-up and inside-out.


Let's change the world by changing public education. The HUB exists to challenge the status quo of deficit thinking and create a culture of success for all.  To challenge deficit thinking we co-construct strength-based classrooms, schools, and districts. Student talents drive the curriculum and teachers collaborate by producing a curriculum that fits the talents, interests, and needs of students.  Ready to start collaborating? Post your strength-based ideas, form teams and get ready to change the world.


Not only connect, communicate and collaborate but mobilize CTA members to action.  The real-time ACTIVITY feature allows you to plan and carry out actions with colleagues next door and around the state.  Every time you log in you will know exactly what's new in the HUB.  You will also be able to follow various public conversations to see HUB trends and themes. The ACTIVITY STREAM is also a great place to float ideas and tell the HUM community what you are doing to create a culture of success in your classroom, school or district. 


Networking on the HUB is a dynamic process. You can post, create videos, message, chat, along with various methods to contact and share information with friends and colleagues.  Your network is as large as you want it.  Through collaboration, you can produce information, discuss different ways to apply strength-based teaching in your classroom and offer your own ideas for increasing strength-based opportunities for children and young adults.  Create your strength-based network and be the change you want to see. 

Content is In The Room!

Your Place to Communicate - Comment - Collaborate

The information is in the room.

The difference between Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change and other forms of teacher collaboration is the difference between producing and consuming curriculum.  

Strength-based thinking begins with the talents and strengths of students, teachers, and school community members.  

From there, teachers produce a curriculum that meets the talents, interests, and needs of students.  

Through the power of collaboration,  teachers work together to produce a strength-based teaching and learning opportunities for all their students. 

When teachers are producers and the focus is on talents and strengths, everything in the school and district must change.  

How schools are structured, organized and governed requires major changes.  This is the essence of Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change.  

Use the collaborative tools below to (1) Communicate your ideas and thinking, (2) Comment on what other teachers are saying, and (3) Collaborate to create options and possibilities for creating a strength-based environment for all students. 

Begin Your Strength-Based Collaboration

The content is in the room.  Strength-based content is inside-out thinking and strength-based collaboration helps us discover our best selves, envision possibilities, and get in touch with our own and other's strengths.  To help you begin your strength-based collaborative journey check out the key resources below. Strength-based thinking is divided into three different methodologies or approaches.  The first is Appreciative Inquiry or the cognitive approach.  The second is Positive Deviance or the behavioral approach and the third is genetic or the belief that every person is born with a specific set of natural talents. What is common to each of these methodologies is the primacy and importance of teachers and students.  Regardless of the approach used, the teacher drives the process based on the talents and strengths of students.  Each of these approaches can be used to generate a strength-based curriculum aligned with student talents, interests and needs.  A strength-based curriculum creates a learning model which emphasizes student strengths and potential over weaknesses and deficits.

But schools are not structured or organized around a student-centered strength-based environment; schools are organized around an externally driven curriculum which ignores and disregards student talents.  The good news is that more and more teachers are rejecting deficit-based public education and joining the Strenth-Based Teacher Driven Change Movement.  If you believe it's time for teachers to repurpose and create strength-based schools,  join the HUB and begin collaborating with other teachers who feel the same way.

We would love to hear from you.

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