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By joining the Strength-Based HUB you have the opportunity to discuss and collaborate with other teachers on the topic of strength-based teacher-driven change.  Whether you’re working on the teacher blog or creating HUB groups and forums, you can connect with one or hundreds of teachers to educate, organize and mobilize on strength-based topics, strategies and activities.

Obviously, the more people involved, the richer the results can be. Using the HUB collaboration tools makes the process of working together smooth and seamless.

Your Profile - The HUB profile provides relevant and important information about you to the Strength-Based HUB teacher community.  Members of the HUB can upload an avatar, edit profile information, and customize personal profile settings.  While completing the profile is optional, it is hoped you will provide information about yourself to increase the likelihood of collaboration.  Your profile tells other HUB members not just who you are but helps to determine what you and other HUB members have in common. The more information you provide, the greater the chance of meeting and collaborating with other interesting teachers.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-11-03-45-amProfile Logistics - Changing your profile is a simple two-step process.  First, click the “Profile” link located in the left menu and you will be taken to a page where you can change your profile.  Always refresh your page to see your complete profile.  Second, click edit to change your profile.

Joining the HUB Community - Your HUB profile is a window into who you are and what you believe as a teacher.  The profile is a pathway for teachers to connect with you; to reach out, collaborate and create.  When you reach out to a teacher, the first thing they’re going to do is look you up your profile. Your profile needs to be both representative of your views and opinions and discoverable.  Don't be modest.  Include your most positive experiences, skills and knowledge and of course, your talents and strengths.  In other words, create a profile that truly represents your greatness.

Start Now!  The IFT HUB Community is waiting for you.  You just might be the link to creating a culture of success for all children.  Join with other very special teachers who believe it's time to transform public education into a strength-based teaching and learning environment.   Create Your Profile - Join a Group - Start a Forum - Make New Friends.


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