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    • Michelle, I agree with Yale. The conference ended on a powerful note, and it was yours and others’ comments that propelled the movement forward–inspired greater thinking!

      • I saw this video many years ago about starting a MOVEMENT. It’s humorous, but accurate.

        I’m not sure if Yale is the first dancer, or if he had a predecessor, but in my mind that’s younger Yale at a CTA gathering !

        • It was the third time that I watched this video from start to finish when I learned that “one additional” piece about leadership that is so powerful. If Yale is the dancing “leader” then Dick would have to be the “first follower,” and all of us will join…and do the TEACHER DRIVEN CHANGE dance-o-rama!

        • I love this! And, I’m proud to be a follower of the strength-based movement. What an amazing world it will be when the number of followers grows! Actually, we’re already standing in a strength-based world if we just open our eyes. By the way, I do think the first dancer is Yale. He has Yale’s kind of charismatic energy. 🙂