Getting Started

To become a member of the IFT HUB, you need to register and login. That’s it!  Once in, look around and start experimenting with the many HUB features.

SBTDC - A new movement exists: Strength-Based Teacher Driven Change (SBTDC).  In a SBTDC public school system, student talents drive the learning process.  This is different from a deficit-based environment where students are required to learn a body of knowledge that is externally imposed.  In a SBTDC environment, everything changes.  Bureaucracy is reduced and teachers have more freedom and professional autonomy; teachers produce and direct the curriculum based on their student's talents.

SBTDC and the HUB - SBTDC turns the public schools upside down and inside out.  In a SBTDC environment, teachers, parents and school community member roles and and responsibilities are transformed.  With the HUB, teachers have the opportunity and capacity to collaborate and transform the public schools and the teaching profession.  Through the HUB geographical barriers no longer exist.  Teachers in San Diego can collaborate with teachers in Sacramento.  Through the HUB all teachers are able to join together to produce and direct a strength-based culture of success for all students.   

The HUB Menu - The HUB dropdown menu is located at the top right corner.  The HUB includes all of the social media features you normally find on social media sites.  Start by clicking your Wall in the HUB menu. The Wall shows all of your activities. The Wall uses the Activity Stream as interactive wall-to-wall posts. You can show your support by clicking the “like” thumbs-up symbol.  You can upload images and videos to the Wall as well.  Standard image types (jpg, png, gif) can be uploaded if you enable “User Photo Uploading”   Play with the various features to experience the power of the HUB.

Reach Out – Through the CTA IFT Strength-Based Hub you can reach out beyond your school and district.  With the HUB you have the opportunity to connect your own network of colleagues and friends with other CTA members around the State.  You will be able to start new relationships through direct messages.  You can form groups which can be expanded into forums.  Upload images, like and support ideas and opinions and express your values and beliefs throughout the HUB.

Plant Culture of Success Seeds – Three things to keep in mind: (1) Do everything you can to nurture and feed your HUB relationships; (2) Keep your relationships fresh and up to date; and (3) Invite other friends to join and become active participants in the HUB.

Creating a Culture of Success  – The HUB is a large and small interconnected network of teachers working to create a culture of success for all children and young adults. Focusing on the seven factors of success, teachers discuss their ideas on how strength-based teacher driven change can reframe the future of public education.  Moving from one group and forum to another, messaging, imaging and giving voice to a diversity of thought and possibility, the HUB gives teachers the capacity to create a dynamic strength-based teacher driven community.

Join and Organize Online Communities – The HUB is not only useful for small communities where you know each member personally, you can easily organize a community with thousands of colleagues and community members, interacting with each other in very sophisticated ways.  The  HUB is a community of active producers; teachers and school community members who believe talents and strengths should drive the learning process and innovation and creativity begin at the ground level.  And because the HUB platform is designed around open source values, everyone involved is encouraged to create and develop new strategies and approaches to increase and expand the strength-based teacher driven community.

Strength-Based Hub features

Wall – Like Facebook, members can write on each other’s Walls and “Like” each other’s posts.

Media – Members can upload photos, organize them into albums, and tag their friends.  The HOB is available on any device where you can easily swipe photos.

Settings – This feature allows you to review the HUB features, including notification settings.

Friend Connections – This one we all know from Facebook, where you can keep track of your friends.

Private Messaging – A perfect way of communicating in a less social and more personal manner.

Activity Streams – Comparable to a Facebook Timeline, this is where you keep track of your connections, group mentions, posts, comments. activities etc.

Notifications – This feature ensures you have a 360 degree knowledge of what’s taking place in the HUB.
Groups – Any member can create a group. When a member creates a group, this person automatically becomes the group administrator. The group administrator can invite friends to congregate, establish communications among members, extend privileges to other members, and enable group forums.

Forums – Members of the HUB have a virtual place to meet where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. Acting as a marketplace for ideas, forums allow members to invent, dialogue and produce strength-based strategies locally and statewide.