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Join the HUB Community - Your HUB profile is a window into who you are and what you believe as a teacher.  By sharing your interests, hopes and dreams for public education, we are all empowered by the words your write.  The profile is a pathway for teachers to connect with you; to reach out, collaborate and create.  Continue reading.

Teacher Blogs

Be a Strength-Based Thinker - Your strength-based experiences are the stories teachers need to hear.  In essence, your great experiences make-up strength-based teacher driven change.  The HUB is in many ways teachers sharing and building on their  positive experiences in the classroom. But it begins with you telling your story.  Start here.

Strength-Based Groups

Start Collaborating - Begin your HUB experience by forming or joining a group. Groups can be created around any topic or experience.   Within a HUB group you can collaborate, discuss and exchange ideas on how strength-based thinking can become part of your classroom, school and district.   Click here to begin the conversation.

The Power of Habit

Did you know your habits may influence the behavior of your students in powerful ways?  Do you know what behaviors lead to the success of your students?  The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg describes how your behaviors can produce success for you, as a teacher, and your students.  Join The Power of Habits Group” to discuss, discover and invent habits to create a culture of success for all students.  Click here to join.

The Power of Tempo

Often unnoticed, there is a rhythm to how teachers teach and students learn.  In his book, Tempo, Venkatesh Rao, describes the subtleties underlying everyday behavior and conversations which can either create a positive or destructive environment.  Using the ideas presented in Tempo, join the group exploring how teachers with their students can create a teaching and learning culture of success for all.  Click here to join.

The Power of Books

Ponder the power of books.  The Books-That-Matter Group is for teacher by teachers.  Join with other teachers to create connections to strength-based teaching and learning. Strength-based ideas can lead to a culture of success for all students.  Collaborate with fellow teachers to discover strategies for turning your classroom into a strength-based environment where a culture of success is a reality.   Click here to join.

Teacher Driven Change

Teacher driven strength-based approaches emphasize talents over weaknesses and opportunities over obstacles to create a learning environment where every student to do their best.  What makes strengths-based approaches particularly important is they provide a clear focus and direction for teacher driven change. Click here to find out more about how strength-based thinking plays a key role in teacher driven change. 

Ovation Tool Kit

Ovation! is a member recognition program for local chapters. It is the work of Teacher Think Tank members. Ovation! is designed to promote local recognition of CTA colleagues. Chapter leaders can use the Ovation! toolkit to identify and celebrate members who have outstanding projects, classroom programs and support systems that parallel the Seven Factors driving a student culture of success.  Click here for the Ovation Tool Kit. 

IFT Grants

Grants focus on how teacher driven strength-based change can improve the teaching and learning process.  Grants should describe the importance of a strength-based school community in creating a culture of success for all students.  The Strength-Based Matrix is a framework for your grant proposal.  Grants should detail how you will use each factor to improve the teaching and learning process.  Click here for more information. 


Trent Stillman

Being a part of an IFT Think Tank is an amazing experience. I have had opportunities to explore and promote teacher designed and led strength-based changes for our public schools. I encourage all teachers to find out about the IFT and the HUB is the best place to start.


Tricia Hyun

The "HUB" has the potential to be a rich and rewarding place for teachers to meet, chat, share, and create.  All that’s necessary is a few deeply passionate CTA members who are ready to join-together to make strength-based teacher driven change a statewide movement.

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